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Trump Has Spent 31% Of His Time In Office In Florida–At Taxpayer Expense

March 4, 2017

Donald Trump is at Mar-a-Lago, where, by the end of this weekend, he will have spent 31 percent of his days in office, according to CBS’s Mark Knoller.   The famed radio newsman has been keeping statistics about such mattes for many who have sat in the Oval Office.   Knoller—who reports for CBS on the Web, radio, and occasionally  TV—is the unofficial records keeper of the presidency, the statistics  savant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nearly every day, he logs every  movement, act, and utterance of the commander in chief in an obsessively  detailed archive of text files and spreadsheets.

Trump “might hit a few balls,” according to a pool report by Washington Post reporter Jenna Portnoy which is an interesting way of saying golf will be played.  Which is ironic.

Trump was a frequent and vocal critic of President Barack Obama’s golf habit, regularly slamming the former president for playing golf with many pressing issues before the country. Trump even suggested during a 2016 event in Virginia, in a knock on Obama, that if elected he was “not going to have time to go play golf.”


Now if only Trump could find work to prevent him from using Twitter and making an embarrassment for this nation.

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