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Life-Long Learning Is What Trump Voters Need To Accept

March 6, 2017

Part of the narrative lost in the general election campaign was the larger story that Americans needed to know about the economy, education, and the job world of the future.  I know people who really thought the last book they needed to read was in high school.  Sad, but true.  I am not picking on any voters here but simply stating facts that pertain to too many of my fellow citizens.

Since the election I have really bored down into trying to get a better feel for what the voters of Donald Trump missed about the way this nation operates when it comes to jobs and technological change.   Over the past weeks I have posted about these issues and will continue to do so.  I may not be able to truly understand why Trump voters acted as they did last year, but hope they might come to better grasp the actual lay of the land that can not be changed with anger.

As such today I offer the views from Amazon as it relates to learning and earning.  This is what those angry about life need to know.

It may seem counterintuitive, but at Amazon we offer training to our workers that could probably help them end up leaving the company. Many will pursue a career with Amazon. But for others, we are just one stop along their professional journey. We think it is right that we can help make an employee’s time with us a positive, upward step by learning new skills.

We created Career Choice for hourly paid staff who otherwise might not have opportunities open to them. We help them get onto the programme by prepaying tuition, bringing classes into the workplace where it is convenient and doing the research to determine which career path will lead to employment in their region. It is a young programme, but nearly 10,000 Amazonians in ten countries have participated in Career Choice and hundreds have gone on to become nurses, IT technicians and transportation logistics experts, among other professions.

Vice-president, human resources


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