Uncle Tom Ben Carson Next Will Explain How Jews Misunderstood The Gas Chambers

When James told me what Ben Carson said about slaves I nearly dropped the groceries.  I was bringing them to the back door from the car and James was alerting me to the words from the current HUD Secretary.  It was shocking since I, unlike Carson, do understand history.  I should since I have been reading it for decades.

First up lets be clear about a most obvious fact.  Slaves, or those who “came here in the bottom of slave ships,” were not immigrants.   Not even close.

Immigrants are those who travel from one place to another place more or less by choice.  That travel may occur for a chance of a better life with better jobs, or to escape the ravages of war. How Carson could miss the point slaves were forced to come to America and had no choice in the matter is stunning.  To not have Carson concede in his meandering. half-baked monologue that slaves were severely abused is beyond belief.

But Uncle Tom Ben Carson did not stop there.

He continued by saying these were people who “worked for less”.  That is completely unprecedented!  GOOD LORD! Slaves worked because they were forced to, and a majority of slaves were treated worse than animals. It is beyond any level of understanding why Carson would ever choose a narrative about slavery to try and paint a positive picture for America.  Next up Carson will try to explain how Jews really misunderstood the gas chambers.

What Carson said about slaves is the most incredible pile of horse manure–and that is saying a lot as he is noted for being bat-crap crazy.  Which is exactly where this post is categorized.