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Take Survey About Madison Police Department (Less Than 3 Minutes)

March 9, 2017

Readers know where I stand when it comes to the professional men and women who wear the blue uniform of our police department.   The department has been needlessly maligned and damaged due to some loud people who wish to make headlines but fail to grasp the complexities that comes with protecting citizens.   The attempt to portray our police department to be akin to others in the nation that are associated with notable incidents is simply galling to those of us who care about facts.  Madison police are led by a most respected Chief, and are consistently praised for their professionalism and capabilities to interact with diverse communities.

This blog was four-square against the Madison City Council wasting $400,000 on a study to “review” the police department. Most residents I have interacted with have expressed outrage at the action taken by the council to placate the loudest voices in our city.  As noted by others this is not just speculation, either – an audit that produced letters from residents to alders, showed that most disapprove of this wasteful study.

The council-backed study is simply demoralizing to Madison PD, and the study has as its main purpose to do just that very thing.  The study is a complete waste of our hard-earned tax dollars. They took $400,000 from an emergency fund to study a force that has been nationally recognized at a time when the city complains a shortage of monies for worthwhile purposes.

I want my readers to take the following survey and let it be known that taxpayers, thoughtful and informed citizens, and rational thinkers are not desiring to see our police to be continually undermined.  Take your earnestness over this matter and fill out the Madison PD survey at: .

If you appreciate our police and think they’re doing a great job, let The OIR Group (they’re doing the “review”) know it today!  It takes less then 3 minutes.

  1. Anthony permalink
    February 1, 2018 4:53 PM

    Keep on writing about the MPD, great job!


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