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Where In The World Is Richard Simmons?

March 14, 2017

Something perhaps less troubling than the news about Mango Mussolini in the White House.

The back story: On Feb. 15, 2014, Mr. Simmons didn’t show up to teach his class at his gym, Slimmons, in Beverly Hills, Calif. He stopped answering emails or phone calls. He no longer sprinted out of his home to greet tour buses, delighting onlookers with his glittery costumes. After an article in The Daily News suggested last year that Mr. Simmons might not have control over his life, the mystery took such hold in pop culture that even Donald J. Trump weighed in from the campaign trail, promising to liberate Mr. Simmons if he became president.

“We have to get him out,” Mr. Trump, laughing, said in a radio interview.

Mr. Simmons hasn’t been heard from since phone interviews last March, though the Los Angeles Police Department visited him recently and said he was fine. A spokesman for Mr. Simmons said the same to The New York Times last week.  

The concern is that he is not just taking time off. He’s not just retired. He’s not just stepping away from the spotlight. The concern is that he’s cut off every person he knows. It’s impossible not to be concerned about that. And every person I’ve talked to, every friend who’s known him for years, everybody is concerned.

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  1. April 2, 2017 9:28 PM

    If his supposed friends are so concerned, then the disappearance would not be a problem. Hopefully Mr. Simmons has true friends that are protecting his health and peace of mind. My former boss is suffering from dementia; rather than expose her to small town gossip, her financial custodians have made her comfortable in a retirement home. It was best.

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