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Trump’s Anti-Muslim Travel Ban Met With Federal Judge’s Restraining Order

March 15, 2017

I was hoping–and somewhat sure–that this news was going to unfold.  It is only a first step–but every legal journey starts this way.

I am pleased that U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson in Hawaii has issued a nationwide restraining order against enforcement of key parts of Donald Trump’s revised ant-Muslim travel ban which was placed into an executive order.

Judge Watson said the state of Hawaii and a local Muslim leader had “a strong likelihood of success on their claim” that Trump’s order intentionally targets Muslims and therefore violates the Constitution’s guarantee against establishment of religion.

The ruling is another serious blow to Trump’s attempt to limit immigration as part of what he claims is an effort to reduce the threat of terrorist attacks in the U.S.

Trump effectively abandoned an earlier, broader version of his travel ban order after the bulk of it was blocked by another federal judge.

The reason I care so strongly about this matter is due to my love of this country and the foundations which created this republic.  For anyone to make religion a standard for accepting people to this country is totally inconsistent with our Constitution.  There is no other argument to make.  When one considers the countries in question under this travel ban and the fact these populations are overwhelmingly Muslim leads to only one conclusion.  Add in the previous statements from Trump that there should be favoritism to Christians in this process leads to a very troubling conclusion.

Bottom line is that religion is at the heart of the reason for why Trump wants this Executive Order, and why I oppose it.

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