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Will Paul Ryan Throw Dice And Put Health Care Bill To A House Vote?

March 16, 2017

The House whips must surely sense the mood of the GOP caucus.    The proposed health care bill is simply not making for anything other than a negative impact on the nation.  I truly have to wonder if House Speaker Paul Ryan will throw the dice and offer the bill up for a vote.   Next week is the time that Ryan has spoken about for such a show-down.

There is just no room for not being completely sure where  the GOP caucus is on the bill.  More than 20 defections will not only kill this bill but put a black eye on Ryan along with Trump that will impact the rest of this congressional session.  If Trump does not put more energy into the fight, and perhaps the lethargic manner is a statement over his views on the proposal, than this bill is doomed.

And doomed is exactly how the GOP Senate wishes this proposal to end, too.  There are countless stories today from political reporters who underscore the way senators feel.

A growing number of GOP senators are hoping the House fails to pass its bill to repeal and replace ­Obamacare so they won’t be blamed for killing it in the upper chamber,” The Hill reports.

“Support for the House legislation has ‘disintegrated’ in the Senate, according one Republican senator who requested anonymity to discuss internal conference politics. It will require substantial revisions to win the support of moderate Republicans in the upper chamber — something that will likely make it unacceptable to conservatives.”

Playbook: “The only play right now is to get this bill through the House. The Senate is going to drastically change the legislation — some think it will never get through the other chamber. So Ryan and the White House’s focus at this point is how to get it through the House.”

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