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Devin Nunes Needs To Removed As Republican Chairman Of Intelligence Committee

March 23, 2017

I have found myself over the past 60-plus days simply left stunned and not knowing which stories to post about and prioritize.  Truth is almost every hour during the course of a day there is a new and twisted development that comes out of the strangest places.   There was not this type of governmental dysfunction over the past eight years, nor even under President Bush 43–though I often differed with policy moves under the latter.  But what happened yesterday was imply mind-boggling.

Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, announced that he had new evidence showing communications of Donald Trump’s transition officials may have been incidentally collected by U.S. intelligence surveillance.   He first spoke with Speaker Paul Ryan and then bypassed his Democratic Co-Chair to head to the White House to brief Trump.    It left the entire Washington establishment wondering what in hell is happening.

“I have not seen anything like it,” Senator McCain stated and then added “It is very disturbing.”

Clearly Nunes is more committed to aiding Trump than to play his congressional role as oversight to the executive.  Therefore there is even more reason to press for what I have long thought desirable regarding the review of Trump, his campaign, cronies, and Russia.  A congressional select committee or independent commission must take charge as Nunes has made such a colossal and odd action that it leaves him without credibility.

Since when does the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee provide updates to the president of the United States on surveillance conducted on his associates?   And before briefing the C0-Chair?  The legal side of even myself, with no law degree, would underscore his behavior is at severe odds in light of his committee investigating contacts involving Trump’s associates?   It is simply unbelievable!

If Nunes wants to be a political surrogate he can do that with my blessings.  But he signed up as head of a congressional and independent oversight committee.  He simply betrayed his role as chairman and now needs to be replaced.  What he was done is untenable.  Nunes has undermined the investigation he has been leading.

It also is just amusing that on Monday Nunes was all hot and flustered about the matter of leaks as he questioned FBI Director Comey.  But putting what happened yesterday over the template of what has already been stated by Nunes shows the smarmy side to this most partisan and no-longer credible chairman.

FEBRUARY 16: “It’s not just about what leaked … This is a state here that’s falling apart, and it’s totally unacceptable for anyone within government to be doing this. I think most of this is probably from people who were in the old administration, but there still could be some people that have burrowed in and are providing classified information to the media.”

MARCH 20: “Numerous current and former officials have leaked purportedly classified information in connection to these questions. We aim to determine who has leaked or facilitated leaks of classified information so that these individuals can be brought to justice.”

MARCH 22: “This was information brought to me by sources.”

Time to bring Nunes down a peg.

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