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Is It Not Sad TIME Needs To Ask “Is Truth Dead?”

March 23, 2017

My mom use to say that we will not need to have some foreign power destroy this country.  She said we would do it to ourselves.  She might be right.

This week’s issue of TIME uses an illuminating interview with Donald Trump to examine a topic that’s as current as events get: Trump’s relationship to the concept of the truth. But the “Is Truth Dead?” is but the start of this conversation we need to be having.

Think how far we have slipped when the words of a person who sits in the Oval Office can not be trusted.  When that person goes out of his way to willfully and maliciously lie about things–and does so continuously.

I recall the lessons from home and Sunday School.  I know what was taught in the public school, and the code of conduct one carried out with close friends.  Honesty mattered.  Our good name mattered.  They linked with the other.

What we are now witnessing is the saddest and most deplorable event in our political culture in my lifetime.

Trump’s proud telling of lies and the bold-face use of it for the most base of narcissistic reasoning is damaging not only to the political institutions of this nation but to the core of our culture, too.  How can any parent or minister prescribe one way of living life to only then have on a daily basis the leader of the country act in such a shameless and demeaning way.

I thought the sexual offenses Trump made against women was perhaps the worst character  flaw he brought with him to the White House.  But over the past 60-plus days it is the lack of him being honest, the lack of Trump being a man, in the fullest definition of that word, which most troubles me.

We use to say at times like this the country needed to pray for the ability to get through the crisis.  But evangelicals are part of the problem as they endorsed and voted for the most morally corrupt person to have sat in the Oval Office in many decades.   I am not certain God is there to help us now.

Even God might feel that this time America needs to really learn a lesson.   Let the rains begin.


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