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Donald Trump Played His Voters For Angry Chumps, Tonight They Know “Elitists’ Were Correct

March 24, 2017

There was no way to ever explain so they would listen.  Over and over it was expressed to Donald Trump supporters in 2016 in a variety of ways that he was not the great man of business that could somehow weave his magic and ‘make government work’.  Again and again it was told how Trump, when not getting what he wants, after not totally engaging in the minutia required to really grasp the nuances and true feel of an issue, merely gets up and walks away.

Which is exactly what happened with the Republican health care plan which was so awful that it had to be pulled from consideration by House Speaker Paul Ryan.  While there will be many levels to review in the weeks to come over how health care was the first issue to be tackled–though there are real and explainable ones regarding congressional procedures which makes the move more understandable–it is also fair to score Ryan severely for messaging and a total lack of promotional capability.

But it was Trump who told his easily led by the nose supporters in 2016 that he had a plan–a big beautiful plan.   There was no plan and more to the point he had no interest in the matter.  He had no core convictions on health care and that was proven with his careless performance over the past weeks.  He also proved not able to negotiate in the governmental arena which is much different from the staid boardrooms and corporate offices of which he is more familiar.

Many tried to convey these messages to the Trump supporters in 2016 but we were called elites.  When we attempted to explain that Obamacare was a solid platform, and though it needed to be fixed in places, the angry shouted back they wanted it repealed.  When asked what they would do for insurance many hollered back they would be fine as they were covered by the Affordable Care Act.  I kid you not!   I have actually heard those words from real citizens.

When the Republican snake-oil salesmen were elected it was the Trump voters in some of the reddest counties across the nation who soon discovered they were about to be kicked hard by the proposed legislation that ended in a most embarrassing collapse this afternoon in Washington.

I know over the months I have come down hard on those Trump voters who placed our country in a most dangerous place.  I have little tolerance with the attitude for throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  I have no patience with populist anger and the way it is carelessly displayed in elections. 

Therefore I am delighted tonight to think of all those angry and often truly nasty people who placed racist overtones in their political rhetoric over the past long and painful election season hoping to erase a legislative cornerstone of the first African-American president.   The easy way those voters were played by Trump and the Ryans of the GOP was silly to watch as 2016 unfolded.  Tonight they now know the words many of us ‘elitists’ warned them about were, in fact, based on facts.

Alternative facts do not seem so warm and fuzzy tonight for a whole segment of the electorally deranged in this land.

And so it goes.

  1. March 30, 2017 11:09 AM

    Gregory, your penultimate paragraph made me blow coffee through my nose. Like the woman in Kansas who said, “I hate the ACA, but don’t take away my Obamacare!” (In the world of alternative reality, reversing the nouns works equally well.)

  2. Jonathan Swift permalink
    March 25, 2017 6:50 PM

    Thank you ,dekerivers for sourcing it for me.I am too much of a Luddite to have done that..

  3. Jonathan Swift permalink
    March 25, 2017 3:58 PM

    Not quite related but did anybody notice the Google news headline yesterday saying Putin was endorsing Marine Le Pen in France for being “anti-American and pro Trump.”

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