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Political Cartoons Of Defeat Over Repealing Affordable Health Care Law

March 25, 2017

Like 80% of the American public I am delighted to see the Republican health care debacle fail to even get a vote on the House floor.  The foundations of the Affordable Care Act–was designed by conservatives– but that fact is somehow forgotten by the right-wing.  The individual mandate has deep Republican roots which cannot be denied. The idea of an individual mandate replacing the single-payer health care system was proposed in 1989 by the conservative Heritage Foundation and was published in a paper titled, “A National Health System for America.”  In the paper, the Heritage Foundation’s director of domestic policy strategies, Stuart M. Butler, proposed that “every resident of the U.S. must, by law, be enrolled in an adequate health care plan to cover major health care costs.”  The proposal was backed by a large number of Republican politicians and was strikingly similar to the Affordable Care Act signed by Obama in 2010.

Now that we have some facts reasserted into this matter lets move on to the laughter that comes when a Republican controlled congress, and White House can not do the very thing they promised to do–regardless of how wrong they are about the goal they sought to achieve.   Trump was promising to bring a business person’s perspective to government–which is a most awkward and silly notion.  But his attempt to sell that idea to many undereducated voters worked so now we only need ask, well, how is that working out?



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