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If Trump Wants To Work With Democratic Members Of Congress We Will Have Ground Rules

March 27, 2017

Donald Trump is acknowledging that to have success at his legislative priorities he will need to think beyond the Republican members of the House and Senate.  Trump was once a Democrat. He favored abortion rights most of his adult life, has shown little stomach for fighting over social issues and espoused views that at times echoed Bernie Sanders.  So if there is to be an effort to court Democratic members of congress in order to get his agenda passed–those parts of the agenda that we can allow–there needs to be some ground rules established with Trump.  A great read about this matter can be found at Politico.  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is smack dab where she wants to be and where she is most effective.  And be mindful Senator Schumer and Pelosi insist that they are open to working with Trump if he shifts to the middle and abandons Republican hard-liners.   And since Trump now has a full mouthful of what right-wingers in congress are capable of……

Trump and Republicans will be unable to attach policy riders to government-funding bills, including the one that needs to be passed in the next month. That means no whacking Planned Parenthood and no chipping away at Obamacare. The debt ceiling increase will have to be clean — no spending cuts and no fights over whether it gets hiked. Tax reform will look a lot different, and will take a lot longer — Democrats and Republicans are miles apart on an overhaul of the tax code.

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