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Madison Alder Marsha Rummel Still Trying To Build Her Street Cred

March 27, 2017

It was exactly what I knew would happen, so there was no surprise when Madison Alder Marsha Rummel, thy best example of what shameless politics looks like on the local level, cast another vote that undermines the Madison Police Department.  Tonight she voted at the Board of Estimates and Finance Committee to not allow for Chief Mike Koval to be paid $22,000 for legal bills that were incurred while dealing with a matter that proved not to rise to the level his detractors had hoped.

Following the discharge of the matter there was a very hefty legal bill which needed to be dealt with.  Since the matter in question took place during the time Koval was on-duty for the city, and that he prevailed in the challenge against him, meant the issue of the city paying is not difficult to understand.   At least for the mature ones in the city.

The vote at the committee level was 3-1 with alders Barbara McKinney, Zach Wood, and Maurice Cheeks acting as rational members.  The Chair was Mike Verveer who in his capacity for this meeting did not cast a vote.  But we have his vote come the next council meeting.  Only Rummel, with her eyes glazed no doubt from reading her beloved Guardian newspaper, cast the dissenting vote.

Lets be honest, Madison.  This is a city that prides itself on free speech and that matter resonates very near and dear to me.  So one can argue, given what was happening the night Kovel told a citizen she was a “raging lunatic”, that it can be argued two different ways.  First, Koval was being honest as he saw the situation.  Second, he was being more circumspect than what many in that same situation would have been.  It was a long day and the council meeting was just rude.

Koval did later apologize for the matter.  But to defend himself legally before the Police and Fire Commission the bills climbed to $22,000.  City policy calls for those bills to be paid if one prevails–and Rummel knows at least that much, one would hope.   To not pay these bills now would only allow for those whose mission is to undermine Koval to continue this dog-and-pony show again and again.  There would be no end to the chaos.

And with someone like  Rummel, who continually demonstrates her lack of reasoning on matters like this, and encourages such behavior as with this vote, there is only one way for the council to act at their next meeting.   The legal bills for Koval must be paid.  End of story.

And then maybe Rummel can apologize to her constituents for always embarrassing us.  It would be nice if every now and then she would throw a lonely vote of maturity and soundness our way.

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