Donald Trump’s Mental Instability Makes Topic On Morning Joe

It is not a partisan point to clearly state that Donald Trump does not act like both oars are in the water.   He shows the symptoms of a troubled person.   As noted at length today on Morning Joe if we had a friend with such a condition we would not stand idly by.  Should we do no less when the most powerful person in the land shows signs of severe instability?  The long opening portion of their show underscored the concerns of the country.

DONNY DEUTSCH: I also think it’s time, and I know in the post-Goldwater era there’s an unwritten rule in the psychiatric community that nobody diagnoses from afar. I just don’t think he’s a well guy, period.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: What he is doing now is not in his self interest, and that’s when you start saying, wait a second, how well is he if he’s doing these things that any rational human being would know would hurt him politically?. . .

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: The President of the United States the leader of the free world, the steward of the world’s largest economy, the man who controls the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, he spent most of Saturday morning tweeting about Fox News. Let that breathe for a second. Just think about that. And about the scope of that problem right there.. . .

DONNY: People talk about, he’s 70 and a billionaire, he’s not going to change his behavior. His entire life, because this is a man who has not traveled, this is a man who does not read, this is a man who is not intellectually curious. So for his entire life, the only information he’s gotten is like a 12-year old eating Cheerios in front of the television set. He’s not going to change now!

JOE: Obviously, no self control. And again, this guy is just literally bumping around the White House, or wherever he goes, with nobody else around minding him.

JOE: And we talked about this before, how well the guy is off now, mentally? Any sane, rational person would know: if I keep bringing attention to something, then I’m going to keep churning up attention on something, and it is not going to be in my best interest.. . .

DONNY: There’s a disorder. There was an article over the weekend about election night. That right even after his triump, he was fixated on a three-day old negative article; they literally couldn’t get him off of. And that’s what this is. I don’t know what the disorder is. I’m not being glib. Regardless of what else is going on, if he’s been pricked in a certain area, there is an inability, physiologically, to move off of it, even if it’s self-destructive.

JOE: He is President of the United States, and he starts lying about three million votes being illegally cast. And he is obsessed on that . . . And then the day he is inaugurated, Mika, he is now the 45th President of the United States. What does he do? He starts obsessing about crowd size. And starts lying about crowd size. Now, I’m sorry: that is not a healthy, normal, well-functioning man. And he obsesses and he lies about crowd size for another three or four weeks until he starts lying about Barack Obama. Not healthy. Something’s deeply wrong with this man.

JOE: In this case, Mika, everything he is doing, just as offensive, but it is against his political interest. And that’s where you start saying, there’s no rational reason why he should be doing this every day. Even if you think he’s a cynical, horrible human being, this hurts him.

DONNY: And Joe, what you and I are dancing around here, going back here, yes, there was logic, devious and disgusting, but everything now points to certain disorders. My hair is not on fire. And I am not a clinician. And once again: doctors do not diagnose. He is not well in many ways. If anybody is behaving in this way. If a schoolteacher was behaving this way, if your friend was behaving this way, you’d be concerned.

JOE: If any CEO behaved this way, they would have been fired by the board 60 days ago.

JOE: The question, Mark Halperin, is what are the Republicans doing on Capitol Hill, in the House? The Senate is standing up. What’s Jason Chaffetz doing? What’s Paul Ryan doing? We’re going to have Jason on today and we’re going to see what he says. Paul Ryan. What’s Paul Ryan doing? What’s McCarthy doing? They know this is not sane, rational behavior. What are they doing, and at what point do they start speaking out.

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