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How Trump Achieves Nothing In First 100 Days—Which Is Best For Our Country

April 3, 2017

On February 17, 2009–Day 29–of the first term of President Obama he had a bill to sign that allowed for over $700 billion to be used for economic recovery projects.  With roughly four weeks left in Donald Trump’s first 100 days all that America has to see from his efforts legislatively is a major defeat on the number one domestic issue for the GOP.

But Trump has been tweeting up a storm.  That is all he has achieved while congress and the White House slips lower in the polls.

Recoiling from public awareness of perhaps the treasonous actions he and his campaign team undertook with Russia to win the election Trump has doubled down on stupidity.  Over the last few days he has made all sorts of statements that only reduce him in credibility among the public.  From that perspective I hope he continues.  Anything that makes him smaller in the eyes of this nation is a positive thing for the ones who care about our nation and public policy.

This weekend Trump cited Fox & Friends over the public assurances of the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the attempts by Russia to interfere in our election.   He then revisited Hillary Clinton being given the question to a Democratic primary debate, and that shows how far afield he has drifted from the shore of sanity.

What this type of behavior underscores is his lack of temperament to be sitting in the Oval Office.    These childlike antics are doing little to boost his support among the American public.  That is clear as the polls have sagged to near-record levels.

But more to the point of this post not one thing he does allows him to reset his beleaguered legislative agenda.   There is not going to be one major bill to sign in his first 100 days.  That is a historical stunner.   But for someone with no political experience or deep thoughts about policy not at all surprising.

But remember his lack of success is best for our country.

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