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Syria’s Assad Was Allowed To Kill With Chemical Weapons–Now Justice Finally Needs To Be Rendered

April 4, 2017

The one issue where I most strongly disagreed with President Obama was his failure at dealing a blow to Syrian President Assad for his use of chemical weapons.   Obama first made a correct assessment that this matter constituted a red line in international affairs and with international law.  I strongly echoed that assessment.

International law is clear about the seriousness with which the use of chemical weapons should be viewed.  Using chemical arms is considered a war crime and banned under international treaties, including the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Geneva Protocol and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Even though  I felt Obama had a sincere desire to show the world that this matter could not be left unaddressed I also faulted him for seeking some type of congressional consensus instead of just acting given the facts he had obtained.    The lack of spine and resolve from both sides of the political aisle to back a military strike of significant proportions was simply appalling to witness.  Furthermore, I do believe that Russian President Putin read into Obama’s lack of resolve a weakness that he then used to further his own goals in Ukraine.

I grant there was a great deal of emotion about this matter as evidenced on my Facebook page at the time.

One of my ‘friends’ at the time offered the most vile commentary laced with cuss words.  He was so out of bounds I let him go from my list.   Over the years I had a lot of political conversations with the older man but something about my taking a determined stand over chemical weapons sent him over the edge.  He somehow felt America did not have a role to play in international affairs.

I wonder what all those who missed the demands of history in 2013 now think as the wretched news today of a chemical weapons attack leads every newscast with scores of dead bodies spread about.  When we allow international thugs to walk away without any dire repercussions of their actions this is what happens.   Tonight, once again, Assad, in defiance of the agreement made with Russia and the U.S. ‘shockingly’ has used these wretched weapons.

The world seems stunned.  I simply want to vomit.

I do hold Obama accountable on this score, as I do the limp-spined Republicans and Democrats who failed to honor the international laws that govern such outrages.  Who can be shocked that a bloody tyrant who got away with using chemical weapons would not do so again?  If Trump wants to get a powerfully positive blog post on Caffeinated Politics  he will send about 12 cruise missiles into the Syrian Presidential Palace and take care of Assad for the history books.

It is now time for Trump to act.  Up to this time I have not placed the word president in front of his name on this blog.  I simply can not do it.  But he can change that by acting with some courage and demonstrate that the world community can not, and must not, abide such flagrant abuse of international law.  This matter has been a many year concern, and though it pains me given the news reports today, those of us who have stood on the side of doing justice when it is called for, have been proven to be correct.

It is not easy being president under the best of circumstances.  There are always partisan attacks and roadblocks along the way.  (We) must demonstrate to future generations what resolve and determination in pursuit of international justice looks like.

Make no mistake that justice is required with this matter of Syria using chemical weapons.  Assad again crossed a line that can not be tolerated.  If some around the world show lack of will to push back against his use of chemical weapons then let it be the United States to now prove that we can carry the burden and meet the requirements demanded by history.

Mr. Trump, prove you can lead.  Will you?

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