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Washington Must Not Give Tepid Response To Assad’s Chemical Killing

April 5, 2017

All eyes are watching.  Each person is listening to the words and the tone in which they are delivered to better discern what reaction will be forthcoming from Washington regarding the brutal use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Assad on his own people.  Many children were killed in the attacks.

While the images and news were simply revolting the attitude from Trump has been less than Churchill-like.

“I’m not, and I don’t want to be, the president of the world,” President Trump said Tuesday.  To be fair to Trump those words were not uttered regarding the criminal action by Assad.  But the words and intent is disturbing for those who care about the leadership role of the United States in world affairs.

This nation does have a role–a mighty important one–to make sure that a strong voice is registered over human-rights abuses.  We also need to have the world’s recognition that when events warrant we will take action.  Never to be a bully, but instead a nation employing a moral voice on the most fundamental rights of man.  Not dying from chemical weapons used by one’s own government–which also runs counter to international law–would be such a time for military muscle to be used.

Trump has attempted to remove himself from the Syria mess and use his base political instinct to continue criticizing President Obama for his inaction on the infamous “red line.”  While I too have differed strongly with Obama on that matter it is now Trump who sits in the Oval Office.  The hard decisions can not be scapegoated to predecessors.

There is no room for Assad to wiggle and there should be no allowance in any corridor of power in Washington to permit the false narrative to shelter.  Russia is trying however to create such a lie for their favored Syrian leader to hide.  At least 83 people are dead in a rebel-held area and this marked one of the worst atrocities of its kind in Syria’s six-year civil war. So it is stunning for Russia to say ‘the leak’ of gas was the result of a Syrian government airstrike that hit the rebel’s “chemical warfare munitions” workshop.  Simply and utterly a most immoral attempt to lie about this matter.

Washington needs to show that this nation’s moral compass is not broken or adrift.  The world watches and waits for justice.

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