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What Trump Conveniently ‘Forgets’ To Say About Syria Chemical Warfare

April 5, 2017

Today Trump addressed the media about the killing of innocent civilians in Syria due to President Assad’s use of chemical weapons.  Trump again laid the blame at the doorstep of President Obama.

So instead of taking on the role of the office he now holds Trump blamed the attack in part on what he described as “a great opportunity missed” on the part of former President Obama.  While there is strong agreement that Obama should have heeded his own advice and served a military strike on Assad in 2013 it makes no sense for Trump now to fail to act based on past events. 

But here is the rich part to the story that Trump fails to mention.

In 2013 Trump was also opposed to a military strike.  In fact, Trump publicly urged Obama not to do so!

Now that Trump has the opportunity to govern and make right all that is wrong and BE STRONG will he instead be spineless?

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