Will Senator Collins Leave Office For Job As Governor?

There’s been no shortage of speculation that Maine Senator Susan Collins would run for governor in 2018.  She addressed the subject head-on in an interview with WGAN radio this morning.

“Let me say that I am looking at where I can do the most good for the people of Maine,” said Collins, according to a report in the Portland Press Herald. “In the Senate I now have significant seniority and that allows me to do a lot,” she said.

“Coming to be governor, if I were fortunate enough to be elected, you can work on issues I care a lot abou like economic development, jobs, education. And I would try to heal the state and bring people back together, which I think is important as well,” she said.

Needless to say the current governor, Paul LePage, has been a total embarrassment to the state.  If elected as Maine’s first female governor the state could embrace the future and leave the tainted past behind.  I really hope Collins will opt to run.

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