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We Should Be Pleased With Internationalist Leanings Of President Trump

April 13, 2017

One of those rules of living life my parents handed down to me was being fair to others.  I suspect they would extend that code of conduct for me to even cover President Trump.   I have never been shy of making an opinion about the issues of the day.   When I differ with a policy I am blunt.  But as I demonstrated with President Bush (43) I can also be very much a champion when I know the right decisions are made, as with the Dubai Ports deal.

So it comes to another time when this blogger needs to give credit where credit is due.  This time to Donald Trump.

I am very pleased with the internationalist leanings of Trump in the past days. From his words on NATO yesterday where he stated they were no longer obsolete, embracing Federal Reserve Chairperson Yellen and even suggesting she will be given another term, switching his position on the EX-IM Bank to one that now favors the institution, and moving away from a currency war with China has all been most welcome.

Almost all of these policy changes are going in the same direction–from a more hard-line conservative agenda–to a more pragmatic and centrist Republican one. In other words, it’s a shift from the bomb-throwing nationalist Steve Bannon types who I loathe, towards the moderate wing which I can live with on many issues.

I know some will say they are only positions that Trump should have taken all along, and that would be a most fair statement to make.  But given the very dangerous policy directions he campaigned on concerning a wide variety of issues makes any step back from those uneducated views most welcome.  The last few days have allowed many–myself included–to breathe a bit easier.  Like everyone else I hope this trend continues.

The key to this was getting establishment figures in the Administration and allowing them control.  It is making a huge difference in being able to control the extreme ideas from Trump which we heard in 2016.  The lesson here is vital.  Trump can be managed and curtailed to some extent and we are seeing evidence of that.  There needs to be a continual containment of his worse instincts.   We now have proof that this can be achieved.

Policy maturation is a good thing for any president to experience.  On both foreign and economic policy, the president is moving toward the middle and that means an internationalist agenda–one I strongly subscribe to–comes into play.  Best of all for those who disdain uncontrolled populism is this marks a pronounced shift from the populist agenda Trump championed in 2016.  The actions I noted above tilt towards a more conventional Republican politician–and given the alternative that is something we all can agree is a most positive outcome.

  1. Let me put some Kush up in it Solly permalink
    April 13, 2017 10:54 PM

    You’d make a good esteem building track coach. You set a very low bar. (Conversely, a very demanding limbo coach 🙂 ) What I’d rather have is a federal government that enforces supposedly “fair trade” agreements, that sends Wall Street crooks to jail and claws back their bonuses instead of sending house warming flower arrangements to their new homes in France “the Wall Street Journal reported this week that the Federal Reserve is backing off plans to file a complaint against Iksil.” um, Where again does St. Janet of Yellen work? I’d rather have a federal government that isn’t concerned with giving special corporate welfare deals to giant international corporations via the Export/Import Bank when they can get conventional loans and at the same time Trump and Betty DeVos are screwing student loan borrowers . And I’d rather NOT perform verbal fellatio on Donald Trump because he’s less awful than he promised to be. Now, the actual deal on lil’ Jared……I mean rooting for his moderation against Bannon………..

  2. April 13, 2017 4:45 PM

    So you would rather have a currency fight with China and then an all-out trade war? Or…Or…add the list of awful ideas Trump championed. You can not possibly want Trump’s agenda to succeed! There is a normal way to conduct government that allows for progress to be made and a recognition of some basic facts–such as international relation and alliances. The populist anger was often devoid of facts and seemingly always of the way pragmatism plays a role in our national politics. To not jettison Yellen is one sign of maturity–as an example.

  3. Solly permalink
    April 13, 2017 4:00 PM

    Wow, he’s adopting most of Hillary’s positions. I guess elections don’t matter, the 1% will get “theirs” and won’t have to worry about their sons and daughters becoming cannon fodder. But at least we don’t have to worry about a populist president.

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