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Why Didn’t Madison Alder Marsha Rummel Submit Required Finance Report On Time?

April 13, 2017

It seems that Madison Alderwoman Marsha Rummel continues doing her public service with one eye closed.  This time the matter revolves around those pesky details required by state law.  Briefly put, the Campaign Finance Reports for Marsha Rummel, District 6, are not on line for the following reporting period: January Continuing.

That is a concern for good-government types.

Being a former campaign chairperson for a county sheriff race in Door County I can claim some first-hand knowledge about this type of issue.  I can assure my readers there are logical requirements which allow for our political process to be clean and above board.  But for our process to operate as intended candidates must follow the law.  While I am not suggesting Rummel is doing anything nefarious,  I am stating that her not submitting the report in a timely manner does have consequences.


State Statute 11.20(13) reads, “In the event of failure of a candidate or treasurer to file a report or statement required by this chapter by the time prescribed by law, action may be commenced against the candidate, the campaign treasurer, or the candidate’s personal campaign committee, if any, or any combination of them.”

The Dane County District Attorney may impose fines on local candidates who stop filing continuing reports without terminating their registration.

Now I am sure Rummel was far too busy with her painting of intersections or her continuing  prattling on about our police chief (who is a most respected professional) to put together a report. But as a constituent I sure would love to see the report and also better understand the ways that someone can escape oversight when the law is violated.

Perhaps Rummel can start another term on the council without more embarrassments.   (I swear I typed that line without laughing all that much.)  I do not ask for much from my alder–only that there be a serious and logical consideration of the issues and not more of her self-created sideshows which then makes this district a punchline when I talk with other politicos in the city.

Now where is the report?

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