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American Voters Not Aligned With Republican Ideas

April 25, 2017

The numbers from the latest NBC/WSJ poll show where the divide I wrote of yesterday about two Americas clash when it comes to issues.  The idea that Donald Trump will have any easy time finding success with his legislative agenda can be jettisoned with these poll findings.

Lets face it the public is not aligned with Republican views.  The anger and retribution felt in the last election was visible and troubling.  But when it comes to needing to be reasonable about the real matters facing us it requires a more cerebral approach taken.  The latest poll has some numbers that show where America is and what the GOP needs to be concerned about as they struggle to move forward.

1) 50% of Americans have little to no confidence that Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare will make things better, versus just 21% who have some or a great deal of confidence

2) 57% agree with the statement that free trade is good, versus 37% who think it’s bad

3) 60% believe immigration helps more than it hurts, versus 32% who think it hurts more than it helps

4) A combined 67% believe action is needed to global climate change, versus a combined 32% who disagree

5) And 57% of Americans say that the government should do more — the highest percentage here on this question dating back to 1995 — while 39% say the government is doing too many things.

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