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Border Wall Dealing In Washington May Be Sign Of Hope

April 25, 2017

The headline in the Wisconsin State Journal this morning read “Trump backs off border wall”.   The news is in relation to the must-pass debt limit bill.  The whole idea of a border wall is silly on its face but the idea that Trump was going to take Congress along on a ride over this racist measure when the status of our national government is at stake is simply off-the-charts crazy.

That Trump is stepping back from the brink over the wall can be seen in two ways.  First–and let me be fair about this–it does show a notion of bipartisan deal-making that has been absent from this White House for the first nearly 100 days.  I am under no illusions but for the moment it is refreshing.  By stating that the border wall is not crucial is an adult and responsible thing to do when the looming closure of the federal government would spell disaster.  This is how deals get made–this is how the Washington we have all known for decades works.  And I am pleased to see it happen.

Secondly, let us also grip a political fact.  There was never going to be this funding placed in the debt limit bill.  So Trump’s concession comes as members of Congress from both parties were set to defy his wishes anyway.

When congress finds its resolve and operates in an air of compromise and when a president can show some ideological flexibility–well–movement can happen.  There may be reason to smile just a bit today that perhaps the trains can be placed back on the tracks in our government.

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