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Trump White House Needs To Come Clean On Michael Flynn

April 27, 2017

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn received an explicit warning against accepting payments from foreign nations upon his retirement from the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014, CNN reports.  Please note that the Pentagon’s warning to Gen. Flynn was bold, and italicized–and yet went unheeded.

Even with such a warming the House Oversight Committee said earlier this week that there was no evidence that Flynn disclosed payments for his foreign lobbying.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports the Pentagon’s internal watchdog has opened an investigation into whether Flynn violated the law.

And the Trump White House has said it will not be sending over the requested material to congressional investigators regarding Flynn.   The positon that the Trump team is taking makes them look even more unethical than we alrady know them to be.  The question we now need to ask other than what was Flynn involved with, is now why is the White House failing to cooperate with investigators?

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