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What GOP Should Do On Health Care

May 2, 2017

If the congressional Republicans were smart they would think long-term about the issues they care about and how the problematic reality of health care legislation could derail everything.   Bottom line is what do they want more–playing to the angry base that at times can not even define what the Affordable Health Care law is or does, or passing a long list of substantial bills that will reform taxes, create jobs, and define their time in congress?

The bottom line is the GOP does not have the votes to pass their current attempt to undo the current health care law.  Even if the House is able to cobble together enough votes to pass a bill the moderates in the Senate have shown little interest in the harsh measures required to get a majority in the lower body.  So why take a dangerous and meaningless vote?

The alternative is to accept political reality.  The GOP might harken back to what their leadership stated in 2009–and what history has proved over the decades–that once a program has been started there is no real way to undo it or start from scratch.  The constituency that attaches to a program can not be easily fooled or convinced that there is an alternative.

So the GOP should fix what they can with the health care law–and in so doing will even find Democratic support for some measures.

What I am watching–and with history as my guide–are those stragglers in the GOP caucus who have not taken a position or are back-and forthing it with their comments.  Recall that flipping last minute under pressure from a White House or party leadership is a most risky undertaking.  Just ponder over some from my side of the political aisle who were the ‘deciding vote’ on Obamacare, and what they did and the fate that awaited them from angry voters.

While I understand the need to get some baselines that would come into view once health care is passed and out of the way I think it also important for the GOP to place their long list of wishes up on the morning mirror so to better reflect upon.  Right now their top legislative priorities have been pushed back to late this year or even next year.  I need not remind my readers that next year is the mid-term elections.  The members of congress are not known for their spunk and spine when up for reelection and so will be even more reluctant to cast tough votes.

This is the six month window of opportunity for a new president to lead and a new congress to act.  The desire, however, of congress to play to an angry base of malcontented voters has seemed to outpace the desire to recast the nation’s laws on a whole bevy of issues.

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  1. Marilyn Ciucci permalink
    May 2, 2017 10:56 PM

    Best solution: So the GOP should fix what they can with the health care law–and in so doing will even find Democratic support for some measures. Many of those attending the town hall meetings were not DEMS… If they control the rising costs of premiums…and remind their minions that finding a way to lower drug prices..they really will find way more supporters than they currently have….

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