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Yates’ Testimony Raises More Questions About Trump White House

May 9, 2017

There is just no good way to spin the testimony that took place Monday in Washington that will drive the narrative this week.

When one looks for a definition of a strong woman who knows how to handle herself in a congressional brawl let all eyes fall upon Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.  She was most impressive.  And that is what unnerved the Trump White House.

Yates was fired by Trump after deciding she couldn’t defend his travel ban.  Yates made it clear the U.S. Constitution is what she follows, and not the dictates of well–(my words here)–a would-be dictator.   What brought her to the famed congressional room with cameras and lights was her communications with the incoming Trump team following the election about her department’s belief that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was compromised by the Russian government.  That is no small concern and one that anyone with common sense would have taken to heart, raised up the flag pole within the transition team, and forced to a resolution–at once.

What is most troubling to this blogger is what did the White House do with that information once it knew about it, and why did it take so very long for the ouster of Flynn?  Recall that Flynn was only fired after news of his attempts to mislead Vice President Mike Pence leaked in the press.  That seemed more important to the Trump White House than Flynn’s financial ties to Russia.

There is more that citizens need to learn about this situation and the players who made the decisions.  None of it looks good, and it smells even worse.

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