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Will Donald Trump Chicken Out Of Major Interview With NBC News?

May 10, 2017

With Trump’s shameful and mystifying firing of FBI Director James Comey sending shock waves across Washington and the nation, NBC finds itself in the middle of the storm.  They had been promised prior to this fiasco an interview on Thursday with Donald trump.  That interview is now the most consequential interview of Trump’s presidency.

Obviously at the time of the booking evening anchor Lester Holt had no idea that Comey’s ouster was imminent. At the time the interview was setup it was thought the issue of the health care vote in the House would be front and center.  Now of course the fate of democracy is front and center.  And Holt needs to carry the concerns of a nation on his shoulders as he interviews Trump.   Thursday’s sit-down interview could be the biggest of Trump’s young and poorly run presidency.  Without doubt this is the biggest interview of Holt’s career.

But will Trump try to weasel out of the interview as there is so much anger and troubling possibility as to what caused the firing of Comey?   The intersection of Putin and Trump is one that can not be ruled out.  Might Trump have no way to answer in a way that will not only deepen his political storm?

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