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When The GOP Was Credible

May 12, 2017

Recall when the Republican Party had truly deep thinkers and offered ideas that could be debated without one needing to be embarrassed to even listen to the dialogue.  I am old enough to know the wisdom of having two strong political parties that competed over ideas.  What the base of the GOP have elected as the rulers of their party is an insult to the intelligence level of this nation–which I admit is not very impressive on a good day.  One should wish for more insight and less bottom of the sink type thinking from any political party.  What Trump and his voters have done to their party and the county is not only frightful but truly damaging.

Therefore it is a good time to look back at the GOP and ponder things anew with the aid of new books as reviewed this Sunday in The New York Times.

It feels like a political lifetime ago when Richard Nixon and William F. Buckley Jr. were seismically changing the face of American conservatism, both from within and outside of the government. Yet now feels like a good time to turn back to that earlier shift and see how 20th-century forces laid the groundwork for today’s battles within conservatism and across the political spectrum. Our cover pairs two books: Patrick Buchanan’s “Nixon’s White House Wars,” reviewed by Joe Klein, and Alvin Felzenberg’s “A Man and His Presidents,” reviewed by The Week’s Damon Linker

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