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But Nixon Was Smart Whereas Trump Is Not

May 13, 2017

Financial Times reports that Donald Trump is trying to saddle up to President Richard Nixon.  While there are some sad similarities between the two there is no denying that Nixon was cerebral, a reader, and a deep thinker about complex international affairs while Trump tweets on the toilet.

“While other U.S. leaders have shied away from Nixon parallels given the politician’s fateful end, Mr Trump appears to have embraced the comparison, in some ways taking up Nixon’s mantle, the Nixon scholar Douglas Brinkley said.”

“Mr Trump met Nixon in 1989 when the two men attended a gala together in Houston and the New York real estate scion gave the former president a ride back on his plane to New York. The current and former president share a fondness for folksy, salty language — with similarly negative views of the Washington elite and media.”

Said Brinkley: “He’s long been Nixon inspired. During his seminal years, Nixon was a powerful man.”

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