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What To Read (Perhaps) On Your Plane Ride To Summer Vacation

May 16, 2017

There are some books that are being applauded this year for airplane reads as you zoom along to your vacation destination.  This once caught my eye.

“All the Kidnapped Girls”

A small town in northern Ontario struggles with an unprecedented problem: someone is stealing all the girls! Rugged, alcoholic detective Sgt. Dad Chalmers is brought in from the big city to stop the kidnappings before there are no girls left. Sexy thirty-nine-year-old girl Amanda DeTorné thinks she might know who’s to blame, but, after one steamy night with the detective, she, too, disappears. Now Sgt. Chalmers must solve the mystery, rescue the kidnapped girls, and return Amanda’s bobby pins to her before she gets the idea that she can just leave stuff at his house like they’re dating or something.


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