An Image For Memorial Day

Off all the sights I saw in Washington D.C. there was one that just made a most deep impact.    It was at the Iwo Jima Memorial.  I had seen the photo of the memorial in books or on television countless times.  But when I was close to it and walking around the large creation of a historical moment it was the last pair of hands reaching up and out to lend a hand for the placement of the flag that hit me hard.  As we observe this day where we recall those who passed away for the safety and benefit of this nation it is these hands that linger in my mind.

We took a separate nighttime trip of the city in lights and it was then that we observed a most unusual phenomenon.  As you drive slowly on one side of the Memorial and watch the flag it appears that it is being raised upright in the air.  The designer probably had no idea this would be the effect created but it is a most powerful thing to observe and feel.

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