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This Is What Trump Voters Have Done To Our Country, And The World

June 1, 2017

I am so embarrassed about about is happening to our nation.  And the under-educated who cast a ballot for Donald Trump are not even aware of what they have done!

President Donald Trump has announced the US will withdraw from the Paris climate deal, sparking intense reaction around the world. Here’s what you need to know:

Let us note that the timing of this process matters.   Though the idiot announced he will withdraw the United States from participation in the Paris climate accord he did say he would stick to the withdrawal process laid out in the Paris agreement, which President Barack Obama joined and most of the world has already ratified. That could take nearly four years to complete, meaning a final decision would be up to the American voters in the next presidential election.  By then–and I predict long before–the national blow back on Trump and those who supported him will usher in a very different era.

Trump’s reasoning: Trump argued that the climate accord was a bad deal for the US and will hurt job growth. This is not true; read this reporting.

Renegotiation: Trump said he’s interested in renegotiating a new plan, but if he can’t, “that’s fine.”

The cost: Scientists say any delay in US efforts to halt greenhouse gas emissions could cost everyone in the long term. The US is the second largest emitter, only behind China, which is staying in the deal.

The future: The vast majority of scientists agree that higher temperatures will cause rising seas, flooded coastal cities, mass extinction, drought, migration crises, deadlier heatwaves, crop failures and stronger storms.

And now, the response:

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