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Pridon Goisashvili Is A Marvel With Color And Content

June 2, 2017

I was moved at once, upon seeing the paintings of Pridon Goisashvili, to say to James, “We are making a purchase.”  In the end we chose two paintings to be mailed home to have framed.    The artist comes from the country of Georgia and now lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area.    We discovered  his work at the Eastern Market located at 225 7th St SE.    This artist uses brisk colors to make his work lively and certainly conversation pieces.   (You can see why he was an instant hit with James and myself.)

We loved the Eastern Market in this neighborhood, which is stationed in a long established brick building dating back to 1873. From the start it was a place for local food to be sold. Even now local vendors sell fresh cheeses, fish and a wide array of seafood freshly caught, homemade pasta, and vegetables. All this fresh food is sold 6 days a week. Each Saturday local vendors who make embroidered drying towels, paintings, or a wide range of other products set up a stand near the market.

The first painting is highly representative of the area in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood where we stayed in an AirBnB.    We wish to thank Goisashvili for his work and also the time to chat with us. In addition, I wish to thank him for the kindness he took in making sure the two paintings were mailed safely.   I highly recommend his business to others who seek something special from the nation’s capitol.

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