Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban Will Meet Tough Slogging In Supreme Court

The mess created by Donald Trump about the Muslim travel ban got deeper and messier today.  And Trump did it all by himself–and to himself.  What a complete idiot.

Trump, in a series of early-morning tweets aimed at Morning Joe’s round table conversation about the travel ban, stuck his own foot squarely into the middle of the Supreme Court case.  Once again Trump referred to his executive order on immigration as a “travel ban”.    Then in a second unprofessional tweet he said his  own Justice Department should not have submitted a “watered down, politically correct version” to the Supreme Court.  What he left unsaid, of course, was that his own White House signed off on this second version.

Trump’s suggestion that changes to the ban — which, among other things, temporarily restricts travel to the US from several Muslim-majority countries — were due to political correctness will very likely hamper his administration’s legal argument that the executive order did not target Muslims.   That of course is good news for liberals such as myself who care about and understand the U.S. Constitution.  Add to the verbal mess that as a candidate Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslim immigration to the United States.  Simply unconstitutional.

At times, the Trump administration has insisted the executive order is not a “travel ban,” though the President himself has referred to it as such, using the term “travel ban” on Twitter in early February.  And then again today–less than a week after asking the Supreme Court to weigh in his favor over the matter.

As I continually state, Trump is the least prepared person ever to sit in the Oval Office.  He is simply not a smart person.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban Will Meet Tough Slogging In Supreme Court

  1. Trump is a buffoon. He is the face of treason and betrayal, replacing Benedict Arnold in the history books, standing on the fully supportive shoulders of the GOP.

    Trump supporters think he will build a wall, kick a bunch of brown people out, and most importantly, Make America “Great” Again. They hope he will get rid of Obamacare, which ironically, will hurt them the most. Under Obamacare, my pre-existing condition is insured. Before it, I struggled to make payments. Under the exchange, I pay just $200/month for health insurance. Also – My car insurance is down to $25/month (from Insurance Panda). My renters insurance is just $10/month. Under Trump, America will become too unaffordable to live in.

    Trump is either a buffoon — not good — or in service of the Russians — same. His advisors and Congress need to stop enabling and apologizing for Trump’s treasonous behavior. Congress needs to commence impeachment proceedings.

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