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Fight To Replace Affordable Care Act Will End With A Whimper

June 6, 2017

Read the tea leaves and come to your own conclusion.

I felt at the time the passage of the ACA took place that its removal would be hard–almost impossible.  All the ranting about tearing the law up and replacing it was mere window dressing for Republican candidates who had no other way to control their outrageous constituents.   As we have seen in the House there is little wiggle room for any plan that would allow the Senate to pass a bill they all could support.  Health care is a complex and unwieldy issue and anger alone from the GOP will not create changes.  Even if they knew what those changes should be.

Meanwhile Senate Majority Leader McConnell has a whole array of topics he wants to deal with and allowing healthcare to dominate all else on the agenda is simply maddening.  So he wants to vote on replacing Obamacare by the July 4 recess.   While there have been working sessions on health care in the senate and staffers have been attempting to make some effort to craft a bill there is more doubt than anything else about its future.

And when I heard the majority leader wants to get a vote by the upcoming recess that told me everything there is needed to know.  That means there is more of an effort to get this political mess behind them than pass a bill that has any chance of being reconciled with the three-thumb crowd in the House.

Like McConnell or not, he is a master of the political maneuvers that are needed to make the body operate.   His statement about the July 4th recess is all that one needs to know about the future of this law.  It remains on the books and while congress can tinker here and there no wholesale changes are coming.

The political side of this shows once again Republican voters took another ride out into the country with their member of congress and were forced to walk back home.  Meanwhile the rest of us are pleased this law remains.  

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  1. Tyler permalink
    June 24, 2017 1:43 PM

    Not a whimper perhaps, but surely pure embarrassment for the Republicans.

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