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Hey Madison! What About The Terrace Trees?

June 6, 2017

I would like to ask a favor of homeowners and renters who have a tree on their terrace.  Now that warm weather has returned there is a need to water terrace trees—especially the new and young trees as they makes root growth and establish themselves.

Tonight as I walked on Jenifer Street along the area where the construction took place last year– I noted with much sadness—that TWO NEWLY PLANTED trees had leaves that were all dead and brittle to the touch.  The trees did not even survive through spring.  For a neighborhood that talks about loving trees this was a very sad thing to see.

So if you live on a block with a new tree—or young trees–and even if it is a couple homes away, take a 5-gallon pail and water the tree every week.  Someone needs to care for the trees—even if the tree is not on your terrace.  Especially during the first few summers of a new trees life, it will have a difficult time dealing with heat and drought. You can make this easier by providing water and please note deep watering can help speed the root establishment. Deep water consists of keeping the soil moist to a depth that includes all the roots.

Lets all chip in and do our part to give the trees a good home here and know that what we care for now will make future generations smile.  

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