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Where America Stands Just Hours Before Former FBI Director Comey Testifies In Open Congressional Hearing

June 7, 2017

America is ready.  Every news outlet in the nation is prepared to interrupt normal programming Thursday to allow the citizens of this nation to hear the words from former FBI Director James Comey.  There is a gut feeling across this nation that laws have been broken, excesses of power taken, and deeds attempted, or in fact done, not for the sake of the country but for the benefit of one person.  That being Donald Trump.

Today the nation’s leading intelligence officials had few answers when testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  It was telling how reticent they were to offer the answers publicly.   Pressed on reports about pressure from Trump, the firing of former FBI Director Comey, and the ongoing investigation into Russia’s efforts to impact the 2016 presidential election, the officials all declined to comment.

When it came to the Russia investigation they all stated that they couldn’t speak publicly while special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating.   On one level this is prudent, but from the perspective of how this nation is now embroiled in the biggest political scandal since Watergate, and with the GOP once the hardliners against Soviet aggression but now saddled with their president being seen as a pawn of Russia, makes the silence of the officials quite remarkable.

The absolute lack of  of clarity today and the lengths to which the officials went to avoid answering questions are only raising the stakes for tomorrow’s testimony from Comey.

Already tonight there is a dread spreading over the Trump White House that not even a dozen tweets can dispel.  In portions of his opening statement that was released this evening Comey says that Trump asked him in late March to “lift the cloud” put over his administration by the ongoing investigation into his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia.  He will state and confirm reports that in an Oval Office conversation, Trump made what Comey interpreted as a request to end an investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, saying the FBI chief should “let this go.”

This nation can survive Trump and his dirty machinations if two things happens. 

First the elected Republicans need to place their country ahead of partisan politics.  They need to consider the requirements of democracy more than the whims of an unstable and dangerous man in the Oval Office.

Second, the citizens need to follow the developments of this fast paced story, and strive to understand the implications it has on our nation.  They need to place history and civics into their pondering.  Then citizens need to demand the legal process be allowed to handle the matter and urge their members of congress to not carry water for a president, but heed the call of history and the needs of our nation.

  1. June 9, 2017 10:57 AM

    There was a time when the Republican Party was able to see the wisdom of keeping Russia in a perspective that allowed for respect but also grounded in the dangers the nation still possessed.

  2. June 9, 2017 10:44 AM

    Fact is that Comey, Leakers are the Law breakers, Trump is the honest one.

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