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I Take Issue With Wall Street Journal Editorial On James Comey Testimony

June 9, 2017

I read as much of the opposing side as I can each day when it comes to our national politics.  I do like to see how others view the lay of the land.  But the first sentence of the Wall Street Journal’s lead editorial concerning the James Comey testimony was truly upsetting.

James Comey’s first post-FBI appearance in front of the Senate on Thursday turned out to be a political anticlimax, with no major revelations about the alleged Trump-Russia nexus or the President’s supposed attempt to derail the investigation….

The tone they are conveying in the editorial is one that lowers the bar of our politics, ethics, and the law.

It should concern us all when a former FBI Director can inform a senate committee and the nation that the president is a liar, and attempted to derail an investigation into a most pressing matter that strikes at the heart of our democracy, and then have that termed as being anticlimactic.  

I get the fact that chaos reigns and everyday–almost every hour–a more ridiculous statement or action emanates from the Trump White House.  It seems at times that the pile of outrages almost blots out common sense.

But we as a nation can not–MUST NOT–for the sake of democracy–allow ourselves to be convinced that what is happening is in anyway normal, healthy, excusable, or to be rationalized.    There is no way that any newspaper with an ounce of credibility can say that the words which came forth from Comey were anticlimactic.

In fact, it is the very opposite.

The actions Trump has taken regarding Michael Flynn is but one place to stop and seriously ponder.  Since Trump has shown no loyalty to anyone–not even to any one of his many wives why would he take such an ardent interest in Flynn after he was already fired?  Unless there is a large and troubling root mass under such an investigation that goes to the very heart of the only thing that interests Trump.  That would be himself.

Most my readers know I have a 40 year-plus interest in the life and times of Richard Nixon.  Nearly 90 books on my shelves are devoted to that one single topic.  The fact is the “smoking gun” tape that doomed Nixon in 1974 recorded him ordering his chief of staff to have the C.I.A. block the F.B.I. from investigating the Watergate burglary.

Lets be honest about what is charged here for Trump and slice it like it is–what Trump did regarding his words to Comey about Flynn was to cut out the middle man.  That should alarm the citizenry.  No one can take any comfort this is but one of so many bizarre things taking place in this White House.

The House impeached Bill Clinton in 1998 for lying under oath, and Nixon resigned as the facts were made known to the nation about his abuse of power.  We can not allow these matters from this White House to be spun away as if they are trivial.  Trump may have no use for the rule of law or the ideas on which this nation was founded but history demands the citizens have such an understanding.  And that we act on that knowledge.

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