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Middleton’s Masood Akhtar Is Correct: Muslims Are Good Partners, Co-Workers, Friends And Neighbors

June 11, 2017

I was most pleased to read a guest column today in the Wisconsin State Journal from Masood Akhtar.  Many in our area recognize the name from his media appearances.  I am always heartened with his informed and logical statements.  At a time when some wish to create chaos, I am grateful that we have the level-headed reasoning of Akhtar as a counter-balance.  Today he wrote about ways to  combat terrorism.

One of the best ways to start is one I strongly endorse.

1. Most mainstream media and elected officials need to stop calling Muslim terrorists “Islamic” terrorists. Start calling all terrorists “criminals” regardless of their faith, beliefs, ethnicity or color, and stop associating any terrorist with his or her religion. This is used as a tool by terrorist organizations to recruit more terrorists.

The second one I also applaud.

2. America must stop invading countries. Do not overthrow leaders in exchange for oil and natural gas, and stop killing innocent people. If we kill five people in a family of six, most likely number six will become a terrorist. Do not forget terrorists take revenge against America for invading Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries. Do extreme vetting of those who are on the list of terror suspects.

The rest of the list, which numbers seven, can be read here.

I am thankful that we have thinkers and truly concerned people such as Akhtar who can speak and write about the structural problems that need to be recognized and then dealt with in order to stem the violence we see too much of in this world.

But the thing that made me smile within and feel good about the day was reading these words he wrote.  The public must search for facts, be honest, understand each other, speak up against any evil and don’t be misguided by inaccurate and misleading information. Consider Muslims as your good partners, co-workers, friends and neighbors in fighting terrorism. 

We are all in this together and I for one am glad to link hands and sentiments with men like Akhtar in making steps towards a sane and workable solution to the violence that too often make headlines.

Thanks  Masood.

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