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French President Emmanuel Macron Proving Worthy Of His Election Victory

June 12, 2017

This is called leadership.

If you are an American scientist, student, teacher, or business person working on climate change solutions, France would love for you to stay awhile.

Following President Trump’s June 2 decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement — a multi-country pact that acknowledges global warming poses serious threats to humanity and the environment — the French government has created an outlet for people from all countries who still want to fight climate change.

The website is called Make Our Planet Great Again.

Researchers, teachers, and students can apply for a four-year grant that allows them to continue their studies or instruction, fully financed. The site also provides information on how to move to France by obtaining a work visa and residency permit.

The website explains: “You will be able to stay in France at least for the duration of the grant, and longer if you are granted a permanent position. There is no restriction on your husband / wife working in France. If you have children, note that French public schools are free, and the tuition fees of universities and ‘grandes écoles’ are very low compared to the American system.”

Might I add that Macron, who won the presidency of France in May, saw his centrist party score a smashing victory in the French parliamentary election Sunday. La Republique En Marche is expected to end up with an estimated majority of 415 to 445 seats in the 577-seat lower house when the country finishes voting next weekend.

Looking very good, indeed!

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