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Reince Priebus Threatened To Be Jettisoned From Trump White House

June 12, 2017

The news today that is roiling the political world is that Donald Trump has threatened to oust Chief of Staff Reince Priebus if major changes are not made to the chaotic and highly dysfunctional White House.  While these threats have been made before concerning a number of staffers the increasing level of bizarre and troubling behavior from Trump and others has made this threat the one that might come to fruition.

I have stated on this blog Priebus was not the person to have the top WH job as his skill set was not one that lended itself to the rigors and duties that comes with such a position.  He was a political animal and there needed to be a seasoned insider to government which would allow the operation internally to run smoothly.  Especially, considering that the president is a complete blank slate.

But I have to say, in defense of Preiebus, that there was no way he could have made Trump look good.  After all, how do you pick up a skunk by the clean end?  The growing call that the level of total and constant ‘crazy’ from this White House be tamped down so that governing can take place is likely to cost Priebus his job.  I think the news is not at  all going to cause concern or worry lines for the Wisconsin native as there is no way that anyone really would wish to stay in such a toxic environment.

One can love politics but that does not mean needing to be placed in the cage of a mad man.

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