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Health Care Debate Puts Republicans On Defense

June 13, 2017

Great article this morning at Urban Milwaukee written by Justin Bielinski.

I have been watching the political calculations senate Republicans are making with their attempts to find some package prior to the majority leader’s stated desire of having a vote by July 4th.  I do not see the factions coming together.  One side will claim the bill is too expensive and the other that the needs of Medicaid recipients are not being met.  The GOP created the mess they are in for political purposes over many election cycles, and now have so little wiggle room to maneuver that it makes for great theater.

In essence, Pence used the very content of the Affordable Care Act to justify its replacement. A bill that none of us have seen, nobody seems to like, and yet the majority of both houses of Congress seem to think is essential. Republicans know the House repeal bill is a disaster with voters. They know the Affordable Care Act is more popular than ever. They know that when polled on numerous key components of the law, President Obama’s signature policy achievement, a strong majority of Americans support them. They know this so well that they’re willing to campaign for their own bill by promising to keep these components intact, even if they have no intention of doing so. Republicans have lost the healthcare debate. Sometime this summer, we’ll find out if that matters. At the moment, there’s better than even odds it won’t.

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