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Makers Of Weapons For Bloody Carnage Reap Profits On Violent Shootings

June 14, 2017

Gun stocks rallied today after a top Republican congressman and several other people were shot during baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.  GOP Majority Whip Steve Scalise was among several who were reportedly hit, including two officers with the Capitol Police.

The gun makers, however, who peddle their deadly products clicked their heels today and grinned while thinking how healthy their profits will get from the blood spilled by others.

  • ShotSpotter: +8.4%
  • Sturm Ruger: +2%
  • American Outdoor Brands (formerly Smith & Wesson): +1.3%

For those who do not spend time following such news–and trust me I understand not wishing to follow these soulless companies–let he explain that gun stocks almost always rally after mass-shooting incidents. During the Obama administration, heightened conversation about gun control raised speculation to such an extent that people wanted to buy firearms sooner rather than later before any regulations were tightened.

In its first-quarter earnings released last month, Sturm Ruger indicated that demand from gun retailers fell after a period of stronger-than-normal demand that was likely caused by political campaigning for the November elections.   Those who have short penises and think having a gun will make them more of a man are a sorry group of men.   That they can be so easily scammed and led around by headlines makes them in fact as empty-headed in deed as we know them to be in our jokes.

Companies make profits on the slaughter and injury of others from guns.  That is the saddest side story to the main events that played out today.

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