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Power Politics Is A Joy To See Play Out–With Senator Grassley

June 15, 2017

Robert Caro writes in his LBJ series of books about how politics creates power, and power create politics.  All that has come into real-time focus with the words and actions of Senator Chuck Grassley.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles E. Grassley is tired of his requests to the Justice Department going unanswered — and he’s fighting back yet again.

The Iowa Republican announced Thursday that the committee won’t advance the nomination of Stephen Boyd to be assistant attorney general for legislative affairs until he gets responses to at least 15 letters, some due more than six months ago.

Grassley, whose other frustrations led him to delay nominees this year and take to Twitter to get information from the Trump administration, spoke emphatically at a committee business meeting.

“The department has refused — now can you believe this — the department has refused to make Mr. Boyd available for even a conversation with the committee’s oversight and investigative staff,” Grassley said. “The department needs to improve its communication with committee members and staff, it needs to be more serious about answering the mail and the questions from Congress.”

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