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Changing Cuba Policy While Headlines Blare Trump’s Growing Russia/Comey/Obstruction Of Justice Problems

June 16, 2017

President Donald Trump is taking a pen, signing an executive order, and in so doing undermining most of the new Cuba policy correctly put into place just a few years ago by President Obama. This is major news. But due to the growing legal morass that Trump is facing, and those around him are now needing to combat as well, means the news about Cuba seems to have been relegated to the inside pages of newspapers.

I did a fast search of the front pages of a few of the daily ones that connect much of the nation and was rather surprised at what was found–or rather not found.

The change to Cuba policy is not on the front page of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, or the Boston Globe. The Miami Herald’s website led with how Trump’s visit to that city would impact traffic more prominently than a deeper story on how this impacts international relations.

This all matters as ending the 50-year madness of the Cold War was diplomatically and economically the correct thing for Obama to have done.  It should have been done decades earlier.

Now Trump is returning to that Cold War position of highly limited economic engagement with Cuba.  Commercial flights will still be allowed to continue on to the island nation but most travel by Americans will need to be reviewed by the US Treasury Department.   Good Lord!

And booking a stay at most of the country’s major hotels will be banned since they are owned by the Cuban military.

The shortage of front page news about this matter is disturbing.  It is one more sign that the nation is being saddled with the biggest embarrassment ever to be found in the White House.  And that includes Andrew Johnson landing there in 1865!

The scandals that are rocking this administration and being investigated in growing leaps and bounds has had dire effects.  Not only on a legislative agenda, the mood of the citizenry, but also the ability of the press to present all the news that we need to know and understand.

Trump is ruining so many things.

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