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Wisconsin’s Republican Fued– Scott Walker Vs. Robin Vos–Gets National Play

June 16, 2017

Love when the GOP civil wars make for national news and commentary.   From Esquire.

Moving north to Wisconsin, we discover that things have gotten complicated now that Republican lawmakers have decided they’re done with Governor Scott Walker, the goggle-eyed homunculus hired by Koch Industries to manage that particular Midwest subsidiary. In response, Walker has leaned on his only real constituency: the flock of sugar daddies without whom he’d be running a bait shop outside Ashland. From The Capital Times:

In recent days, funding for K-12 schools has become another point of intraparty discord. Despite all conspiring together to enact the largest cuts to public education in state history, Walker and the legislative Republicans are now fighting among themselves over who will save our schools from the politicians’ mutual actions. Not only have Speaker Robin Vos and his fellow Assembly Republicans rolled out their own education budget, they’re criss-crossing the state holding media events to promote their repudiation of their fellow Republican, the governor. On top of it, it was reported in the news that Vos was a no-show to a backroom negotiating session with Walker and Senate GOP leader Scott Fitzgerald due to a “previous commitment.”

Walker himself has become an insult in the war of words among legislative Republicans. (Ed Note: I love this. I truly do.) As if their education budget press conference was not provocative enough, Republican Assembly Speaker Vos attacked the Republican leader of the Senate by referring to him being a “rubber-stamp” for Governor Walker, and not in the good way.

What’s a warped hunk of presidential timber to do? Unleash the fat cats!

He has instead issued a weak, gimmicky threat to “veto the entire budget” and holds lonely roadside press conferences at which he touts his doomed transportation plan. In perhaps the most stark indication of how low Scott Walker has sunk with his fellow Republicans, he’s even had to resort to deploying longtime special interest allies to run paid advertising to convince fellow Republicans to … support a tax cut?!?!

Alas, all is not schadenfreude along the banks of Lake Monona. According to WUWM, this same state assembly signed the state up for a “convention of the states” designed to exchange James Madison and George Mason for Mark Levin and Jim DeMint.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos supports a balanced budget amendment. He says a constitutional change is necessary and blames former President Obama for increasing the national debt to $20 trillion. Vos wants people to visualize the huge number. “What is $20 trillion? It is 20 million million. It’s a two followed by 13 zeros. Laying down dollar bills end to end, you can circle the Earth 76,000 times. It would take 634,000 years to count to one trillion,” Vos says.

Ostensibly, the convention would be convened only to hamstring the federal government with The Worst Idea In American Politics. However, once called, there is nothing that guarantees it would not be used to rewrite the entire Constitution to follow the Gospel According To Koch. And, despite their demurrals, the snake-oil peddlers who are perilously close to achieving their goal know good and well this is the case. There never has been a more lethal Trojan horse than this one.

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