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Why Andrew Weissmann Scares This White House

June 20, 2017

All sorts of reporting today about the reasons Andrew Weissmann is making cramps for President Trump and his team at the White House.

Reuters reports, “A veteran federal prosecutor recruited onto special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is known for a skill that may come in handy in the investigation of potential ties between Russia and President Trump’s 2016 campaign team: persuading witnesses to turn on friends, colleagues and superiors.” 

“Andrew Weissmann, who headed the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal fraud section before joining Mueller’s team last month, is best known for two assignments — the investigation of now-defunct energy company Enron and organized crime cases in Brooklyn, New York — that depended heavily on gaining witness cooperation.”

Jonathan Swan adds, “Trumpworld has been worried about Weissmann since they first got wind that Mueller added him to his team. I started getting phone calls from Trump associates about two weeks ago suggesting I look into his background.”


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  1. June 21, 2017 9:32 AM

    Trump is a fascist and dangerous man who should rightfully be investigated in the Trump-Campaign-Russia probe.

    But not by Andrew Weissmann.

    Weissmann is about winning and not about justice.

    Abandoning justice is not what we want in a federal probe by any staffer who is contemplating using the power the United States under color of law against anyone.

    You ever read of the ordeal of proven-innocent Bill Fuhs, or James Brown and Andrew Weissmann’s conduct?

    Likely not. None of us reads much about the plight of the innocent because we as a country
    are not wired to care about the power of the state inflicted onto the citizen. This is a dangerous political culture.

    Mr. Fuhs, for example, is a good man, ruined by Weissmann’s quest for careerism and power. Ask Georgia Thompson what careerism and quest for power mean.

    We note blithely how powerful institutions and individuals are, and why Trump should be “afraid” of said individuals with little regard to their record of justice.

    With respect to Weissmann, I note the following, for example. Read this work, Licensed to Lie by Sidney Powell, and it is likely you will not regard federal prosecutors like Weissman in the same light again, as likely you would not want him anywhere near this probe:

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