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Madison Alder Marsha Rummel Is “Trump-Like”

June 25, 2017

When reading today’s Wisconsin State Journal I had to laugh out loud, and in so doing brought two walkers who live in my neighborhood closer so we could all talk and get a smile from the column by Chris Rickert.

In defending his veto of the chief-of-staff position on Tuesday, Soglin hurled perhaps the most cutting insult that can be hurled at a liberal these days at perhaps the council’s most liberal member, President Marsha Rummel: He accused her of being Trump-like. 

Rummel’s June 16 statement on why she was seeking to override the veto is “an effort to bring the kind of discussion about facts from Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump into this body,” he said. “It is disgraceful.”

I have long felt that Rummel is perhaps the most factually distorted and clueless member of Madison’s City Council.  To see Rummel in action is to witness the problems of democracy.

Madison has the biggest council, at 20, of any of Wisconsin’s 10 biggest cities. It’s more than twice the size of councils in many U.S. cities with similar populations, such as Buffalo, New York, and Lubbock, Texas. With the addition of the chief of staff position, it will have access to four staffers. The mayor has 11 on his staff, but then the mayor answers to the entire city, council members to just their districts.

I was asked by several folks in my immediate neighborhood this past election cycle for alder, as well as some outside this district, to seek a contest with Rummel.  For several reasons I chose not to seek office.  But the cornerstone of why some wanted me to run, and why there is a need to have Rummel take up a new hobby outside politics, remains very clear.

When the mayor makes a strong statement about the foolish and unprofessional way Rummel tries to do her job that then sends notice to voters that there is a problem with the alder.  Many of us in this district have understood that fact for years.  Now the whole city is a witness.

Rummel may want competent city staff for the council. But first she needs to recognize the need for competent alders.   Starting with the person she sees in the mirror.

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