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Madison’s Shake The Lake Organizers Throw A Foul With Late Start For Fireworks Show

June 25, 2017

All the little boy wanted to see was the fireworks show.  All day long he was pumped and ready for what had been talked about for weeks and promoted heavily in the area.  His older sister was also enthused about the nighttime display that was to be performed over Lake Monona.

But for those kids and others who had converged on the isthmus, and had to deal with a rain and wind storm that moved through the area three hours earlier, could only look forward to a 30 minute delay which meant the first colorful burst did not take place until shortly after 10:30 P.M.

As I was walking in the area of B.B. Clarke Beach I spoke with a young couple who were walking away with their blanket.  It was 10:15 and I quickly asked why they were departing.  One of them taught a Sunday School class, the show had not yet started, was slated to last 30 minutes, and then there would be the crush of people wanting to leave.  It would just make for a too late of a night.  They were not pleased.

The saddest thing I saw was that little boy who had been so excited, and was so tired along with his sister, being taken home 20 minutes after the show had been scheduled to start.

Simply put the organizers of Shake The Lake have some explaining to do.

First, such an event–especially for parents–can mean a very long day.  Kids are excited and even though they are tired the main event is what drives them forward.  Once it begins they can place being tired on hold and be thrilled with the show.  But waiting and might I add–needlessly waiting–is hard for kids and tougher for parents to handle.

I saw several kids being led from the park with their blankets and coolers when the show did not start on time.  It was really not the way the evening should have ended.

I know it rained earlier in the evening and the music at the stage set up further down the lake shore was delayed.  I also just know that some vendors felt they had not sold enough beer.  So when the fireworks were to have started the music was still continuing.    But you know what?   That is just too bad.  That is the price of being in business and needing to perhaps bite a little less in profits than was anticipated.   The bottom line was the show should have started on time!

The last thing that should have happened was for the huge crowds assembled all along the lake to stand and wonder what in heck was the reason for the delay.  Worse was to have kids carried home unable to see the color and hear the booms.

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