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Smarmy Bo Dietl As Mayor Of New York? Yick.

June 27, 2017

One of those reads you need so to get some needed background.

“When Stephen K. Bannon got into a dispute with an ex-wife who accused him of domestic violence, he hired a private investigator with a history of digging up embarrassing information about people claiming to have been wronged. When the Fox News chairman Roger E. Ailes was accused in lawsuits of sexually harassing the network personalities Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros, lawyers for the company hired the same detective to spy on the women. … Mr. Dietl confirmed his involvement in each case described in this article, including the investigations for Mr. Bannon and Mr. Imus and into Ms. Tantaros, none of which had been disclosed previously. … The only divorce at that time was Mr. Bannon’s 1997 split from his second wife, who had accused him of attacking her. Former members of Mr. Dietl’s staff confirmed that the firm had been hired to investigate Mr. Bannon’s wife during a legal dispute related to the case. In the case, Mr. Bannon was charged with committing domestic violence and battery and dissuading a witness, his wife, from reporting a crime. But the case was dismissed when his wife did not attend a court hearing, records show. She later said in divorce papers that she had not gone because Mr. Bannon told her that ‘if I went to court, he and his attorney would make sure that I would be the one who was guilty.’ Afterward, Mr. Dietl continued to do a variety of work for Mr. Bannon for years, according to former members of Mr. Dietl’s staff. One investigator said he had talked to Mr. Bannon ‘hundreds of times’ over the years.”

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